Global Potential Vegetation Dataset

This dataset is described in

Ramankutty, N., and J.A. Foley (1999). Estimating historical changes in global land cover: croplands from 1700 to 1992, Global Biogeochemical Cycles 13(4), 997-1027.

The data is available in two formats -- NetCDF and ArcINFO ASCII -- at 5min and 0.5 degree resolution.

The NetCDF download (728K) includes:
1. README file
2. - gzipped NetCDF 5 min data
3. - gzipped NetCDF data aggregated to a 0.5 deg resolution.
4. readnc.f - a FORTRAN program to read the NetCDF files.
5. ies-io.f - a FORTRAN program that contains NetCDF subroutines.
6. makefile - a makefile to compile the programs used to read the NetCDF files.

If you download this data please contact Navin Ramankutty. We are very interested to know how our data is being used and we will also keep you informed of any updates to the dataset.

PLEASE NOTE: this global dataset is meant to be used only for continental to global scale applications. Use caution when using this dataset at local scales.

Download Global Potential Veg Data NetCDF (728K)
Download Global Potential Veg Data ArcINFO ASCII, 5min (520K)
Download Global Potential Veg Data ArcINFO ASCII, 0.5 degree (24K)

Updated: 3/6/13

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