Carol Barford
Dr. Carol Barford

SAGE Director
Research Scientist, Global Ecosystems
Nelson Institute Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1710 University Ave., Room 202
Madison, WI 53726 USA
608-262-9334 tel
608-264-4113 fax

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Dr. Barford's work centers on agriculture and biofuels, especially on the potential of biomass production to improve environmental quality, increase farm profits and reduce risk. This work is supported by two research grants from Wisconsin's Focus on Energy Program.

The first project, “Wisconsin Farm Biomass Production and the Emerging Carbon Economy”, uses the State of Wisconsin as a case study of the feasibility of farm-based bioheat and power production. This case study incorporates physical, ecological, agronomic and economic factors to determine feasibility. Graduate students Mitch Myhre and Keith Cronin have worked on this project. The second project, “Farm-based Bioenergy Infrastructure for Wisconsin: Too Big, Too Little, or Just Right”, investigates the optimal scale of bioenergy development in Wisconsin. The optimal scale is being determined in terms of net greenhouse gas emissions, fossil fuel replacement, efficient use of farmland, and economic feasibility. Graduate student Ash Anandanarayanan works on this project. Collaborators include Gary Radloff of the Wisconsin Bioenergy Initiative, Prof. Doug Reinemann of Biological Systems Engineering (UW-Madison), and Bob Gollnik of the Center for Freight Infrastructure Research and Education (UW-Madison), as well as several colleagues at SAGE.

Barford spent most of the 2010-2011 academic year as a Visiting Fellow at Wolfson College, Cambridge University (UK). There she continued and developed her Wisconsin projects and collaborations with British scientists, including Dr. Drew Purves and his Computational Ecology and Environmental Science Group at Microsoft Research, Cambridge. These collaborations are based on Barford's current research, and on continuing interests in environmental decision support, and data-constrained minimal models.

Prior to joining SAGE, Dr. Barford studied forest carbon cycling. Her synthesis of biometric and atmospheric methods of measuring forest carbon balance appeared in the journal Science (23 November, 2001). For her Ph.D. thesis, Barford measured nitrogen stable isotope effects of denitrification and applied the results to track N2O production in agriculture and wastewater.

Barford is a native of central Illinois. She completed her B.A. in Biology and M.S. in Ecology at Boston University, and Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering at Harvard University. Dr. Barford held a post-doctoral position in Atmospheric Chemistry at Harvard before joining SAGE.

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