Zhiwei YeZhiwei Ye

Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1710 University Ave., Room 144
Madison, WI 53726 USA
608-890-2514 tel
608-265-4113 fax

Advisor: Annemarie Schneider

City of birth: Guangzhou, China

Language: Mandarin (Chinese), Cantonese (a dialect of Chinese)

Citizenship: China

M.S. in Cartography & Geographical Information System, Capital Normal University, Beijing, China (2006-2009)
B.S. in Geographical Information System, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China (2002-2006)

Research interests
Change detection of land use and land cover using medium resolution remote sensing, especially in urban areas of China

Previously, I mainly focused on urban thermal environment study with the help of thermal bands from ASTER and TM.

Personal interests:
soccer, animation, photography, sketch, badminton

Updated: 7/26/12

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