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Global River Discharge Database

    This site contains a compilation of monthly mean river discharge data for over 3500 sites worldwide. The data sources are RivDis2.0, the United States Geological Survey, Brazilian National Department of Water and Electrical Energy, and HYDAT-Environment Canada. The period of record for each station is variable, from 3 years to greater than 100. All data is in m3/s.
    To access the data click on the map below to zoom in to the desired stations and data. Alternatively, the data can be accessed by using a key word search or by entering the river ID number if that is known. The data is provided in a tab-delimited format compatible with most spreadsheet programs.
    We are continually looking to improve this data set and welcome any additional data and comments. Base map image courtesy of NASA. The image came from a single remote sensing device - NASA's MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) onboard the satellite Terra.

Map of the World
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    Click on the map to zoom in and view the stations. Each station is located on a river and measures the rate that water flows through it at various times of the year. The database currently contains 3681 stations.



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